Kordia - key partner supporting our technological evolution

Saving lives through enhanced communication on the water

With more than 2,000 volunteers across 63 units spanning from Cape Reinga in the north to Bluff in the south, Coastguard is on the water and in the sky every day on its mission to save lives at sea.

Clear, concise and reliable communication channels will always be at the heart of Coastguard New Zealand’s operations. Coastguard is intricately linked to boaties through VHF radio networks supported by Kordia. These systems are not only critical to Coastguard’s entire operation, but enable seafarers to communicate easily when they’re in trouble.

Kordia has been the ideal partner to support Coastguard’s communication operations and infrastructure, particularly as it evolved to better meet the needs of the seafaring community.

"Kordia has enabled and supported Coastguard New Zealand's significant technological evolution, which included improving the quality of the VHF network through site infrastructure, monitoring and support. This long-term service delivery partnership has enabled our volunteers to better serve their communities and allow greater synergy with our partners at Maritime New Zealand,” says Callum Gillespie, Coastguard New Zealand CEO.

The Kordia team provides Coastguard with quality and fit-for-purpose solutions which draw on our deep experience in building critical communication networks and an understanding of Coastguard’s core objectives, such as improving service delivery to the recreational on-water community.

Coastguard WAN – futureproofing the charity

Coastguard brought across its entire corporate network to Kordia, to take advantage of our complimentary expertise in cyber security and connectivity. We are now responsible for Coastguard’s wide area network, internet services, VPN, and firewall and are currently engaged in a project to enhance Coastguard’s organisational security posture.

“From a technological perspective, Kordia is by far our most important partner,” says Gillespie.

“Over the past two years in particular, Kordia’s support for Coastguard across our IT functions has been particularly invaluable with employees working remotely due to COVID-19 and our long-term futureproofing efforts.”

Learn more about Kordia and their work here.

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