Coastguard Mana’s new Lotto-funded rescue vessel an environmental game-changer

This week, thanks to a unique America’s Cup partnership with Lotto NZ and Emirates Team NZ and a $9.8 million lottery grant made possible by the millions of Kiwis who play Lotto NZ games each year, Coastguard Mana will take delivery of its new high-spec rescue boat.

The Rayglass Protector will not only be equipped with top of the range technology and safety features to help the crew easily navigate the notorious northern entrance of Cook Strait, but it will also feature new outboard motors that will help reduce the unit’s CO2 emissions by over 35%.

Named Te Awarua after the Taniwha of the Porirua Harbour, Mana’s new Coastguard Rescue Vessel is one of 26 high-spec craft that were first used as chase boats at last year’s America’s Cup.

Coastguard Mana President Tara Doak says the whole unit is grateful to be receiving the new boat that will improve the safety of the unit while dealing with their call outs in what can be a very rough body of water.

“We service the northern entrance of the Cook Strait which provides constant challenges - not only dealing with the lee shore but once you’re out there, there are no harbours or places of refuge so if you get into trouble out there, you’re often in big trouble.”

“This new vessel we’re receiving is really going to be a gamechanger for us. The outboards have been set up to give pulling power and a useful cruising speed giving us that extra advantage in the water when it’s crucial, as well as all the technology that will help us in all other aspects like giving us stable communication to our people.”

It’s also the first Coastguard vessel to use OXE300 diesel twin outboards which emit significantly lower CO2 than a gasoline outboard engine.

Coastguard CEO Callum Gillespie says that the move to diesel outboards is something that Coastguard, which has the largest commercial fleet in New Zealand, has been considering for several years, with environmental protection and cost efficiencies just two of the key factors.

“As one of the first Coastguard units to explore the diesel option, as well as their significant financial commitment to spearheading this project, Mana should be very proud to fly this flag for Coastguard. We’re delighted with the project’s progress and look forward to Coastguard Mana launching its new vessel soon.”

Lotto NZ Chief Executive, Chris Lyman, says supporting the vital work of Coastguard units like Mana is what Lotto is all about.

“Lotto NZ exists to generate essential funding for New Zealand communities – it’s why we do what we do. The positive impact these high-spec vessels will have on communities around the country cannot be underestimated, with each one helping Coastguard save countless lives at sea each year. This is a great example of how Lotto NZ is all about Kiwis helping Kiwis. "

The refitting of the boats from America’s Cup supporters to lifesavers has been taken care of by original manufacturer, Rayglass, with the support of Coastguard New Zealand, individual units and various community providers. 

The boats may have now lost their America’s Cup branding, but Emirates Team New Zealand CEO, Grant Dalton, says their involvement in this unique partnership remains a source of pride for the whole team.

“Coastguard are the unsung heroes of our waters around the country and so it’s great to see the fleet of vessels that supported us freshly refitted and taking to the water again to help them save lives.”


Notes for editors

  • The name Te Awarua was gifted to Coastguard Mana from local iwi Ngāti Toa Rangatira
  • Te Awarua is the Taniwha of Porirua who has lived in the harbour for many of hundreds of years
  • Te Awarua will be in the water by the end of the month
  • A launch and naming celebration will happen later in the year, dates to be confirmed
  • The OXE Diesel consumes up to 46% less fuel than comparable gasoline alternatives educing CO2emissions by over 35.5%.


  • In partnership with Coastguard and Emirates Team New Zealand, a $9.8 million lottery grant funded 26 vessels to be used during the 36th America’s Cup, before they went on to become part of Coastguard’s fleet of rescue vessels.
  • 100% of Lotto New Zealand's profits are distributed back to the Lottery Grants Board, providing a major source of funding for sport and recreation, arts and culture, environment and heritage and community projects throughout the country.

About Coastguard

  • Coastguard is a charity powered by over 2,000 volunteers in communities around New Zealand.
  • Coastguard receives 30% of its funding from central government. The other $18 million is raised each year through the support of members, donors, funders and corporate partners.
  • Last year Coastguard volunteers gave 291,402 hours to keeping New Zealanders safe on the water.


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Coastguard New Zealand Senior Communications Advisor
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