11 hours on an upturned boat

Two fishermen were incredibly lucky to be rescued by Coastguard Nelson after enduring 11 hours on their upturned boat.

The two men were supposed to spend an enjoyable day fishing, when a massive wave flipped their boat upside down and tossed them into the water.

A friend alerted Coastguard Nelson when he became extremely concerned that they hadn’t returned, and the crew kicked into action, launching their vessel into choppy waters.

After four long hours searching in the gloomy evening, they were elated and relieved to find the men sitting on top of their semi-submerged boat.

“They’d been there for about 11 hours we reckon,” says Coastguard volunteer Wayne Harrison. “They said the song list was getting a bit rubbish – they were singing to each other to keep their spirits up and were getting desperate. I think they were pretty glad to see us.”

Though they endured 11 hours in freezing and heavy seas clinging desperately to their boat, thanks to Coastguard Nelson’s heroic efforts they were rescued and able to see their families again.

It was a fantastic outcome for all involved, only made possible by your support. It takes $60 a week to train a volunteer and equip them with the lifesaving skills needed in an emergency. Please make a donation today to keep our volunteer crew trained and ready to save lives at sea.

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