Day Skipper

Would you benefit from a Day Skipper course?

If you’re an occasional boatie who uses your boat for fishing, diving, family outings or just generally having fun on the water, our popular Day Skipper course will give you all the basics needed to help you get the best from your boating, and help you enjoy your time on the water.

Whether you're a boating newcomer, or someone with years of experience, there's always something to learn. The Day Skipper course provides the opportunity to update skills, acquire more knowledge, make boating more enjoyable for yourself and crew and instil safe boating practices. The objective is to help recreational boat users avoid getting into difficulties by helping them understand the maritime environment, the capabilities of their boats, the rules of the sea, and actions to be taken in emergencies.

Course contents include:

  • Unit 1 - The Boat - terminology, equipment
  • Unit 2 - Navigation
  • Unit 3 - Rules & Regulations
  • Unit 4 - Emergencies
  • Unit 5 - Knots

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Questions & Answers

Still not sure what you'll get out of a Day Skipper course? The answers to the quiz questions are here:

1. You are in a power vessel meeting another power vessel in a crossing situation. The other boat is off your starboard bow. What should you do?

Answer: You are the give way vessel and the recommended action is to turn to starboard and pass astern of the other vessel

2. You suddenly notice a dangerous amount of water in the boat. What steps should you take and in what order?

Answer: Remember LIFES:
L = Lifejackets: put them on, if not already being worn
I = Investigate the problem
F = Fix the problem if possible – repair the damage, bail out the water, beach the boat
E = Emit a distress signal – Mayday on VHF or any other signal
S = Stay with the boat

3. Name four situations where your speed must not exceed 5 knots.


(a) Within 200m of shore,
(b) Within 200m of any vessel flying the “A” (Diver’s) flag,
(c) Within 50m of any other vessel, whether it is underway or moored, or
(d) Within 50m of any person in the water.

4. Which side of a narrow channel should you use?

Answer: Your starboard, or right hand side.

5. What lights should a 5m runabout display at anchor at night?

Answer: White all-round masthead light. Lights must be switched on from sunset to sunrise and in rain or foggy conditions. If the vessel is underway, travelling more than 7kn then it should display red (showing the port side), green (for the starboard side) and white (all-round masthead) lights.

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