Become a shore crew volunteer

In addition to rescue vessel and air patrol crews, we need people to operate radios, manage incidents and keep our units operating.

All of these roles are essential to our work. Becoming a shore crew volunteer is a great way to become part of the team.

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Radio Operator

An important role with responsibility for ship-to-shore communications with our rescue vessels and the boating public.  Good communications skills, the ability to work under pressure and to multi-task are needed.  A Maritime VHF Radio Operator Certificate is required, but training is available.


Incident Controller

This shore based role is suited to people with extensive experience in the management of teams and projects.  Specialist training is available, but an understanding of the CIMS (Coordinated Incident Management System) is required.  With the right training you will become part of the team working with other agencies to manage search and rescue missions.


Unit Management and Administration

These shore based roles are also a vital part of saving lives on the water.  Our units need help with:

  • secretarial,
  • treasurer,
  • training officer (planning the delivery of training, not tutoring),
  • safety officer (managing the health and safety needs for our vessels, buildings and crews),
  • crew managers (seeing to the welfare needs of volunteers),
  • asset managers (looking after the repairs and maintenance for buildings, vehicles and vessels),
  • and fundraising and community relations.


If you are interested in being part of our shore crew, please visit our How to apply section.

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