Leaving a gift in your Will to Coastguard

How can a gift in your Will help?

It takes considerable funds to train and equip our volunteer crews. Lives depend on their skills and we need to find $5,000 to fund their training for one week. A gift in your Will, big or small, could help pay for wet weather gear, life jackets, safety equipment, rescue vessels and training that ensure our crews are able to respond swiftly in a crisis and with equipment that is fit for purpose. Gifts in Wills enable our Kiwi heroes to continue saving lives at sea.

  • $1,700 will help a Coastguard unit buy a lightweight stretcher to support an injured victim.
  • $3,200 will help our crews to buy a six person life raft to make sure a family makes it home safely.
  • $8,400 will help us provide wet weather gear, overalls and boots for six volunteers.

Remembering Coastguard in your Will

It’s never too early to make a Will, the future is unpredictable. An up to date Will is the best way to be sure your loved ones and the causes you care about are looked after, whatever happens. It is easy to make changes to your Will to reflect your changing circumstances, and it’s a good idea to act while the thought is fresh in your mind.

Coastguard as a charity relies heavily on the generosity of our supporters to train, prepare and equip our heroic volunteers. Without your help it would be impossible to save lives at sea. Leaving a gift in your Will to Coastguard is a wonderful way to support the charity working 24/7 to help Kiwis out on the water.

It is recommended you use a solicitor or Trustee company, whether you are writing a new Will or adding a codicil (an amendment) to an existing Will. They will make sure your wishes are legally recorded just as you want them.

You can arrange your gift in different ways:

  • A pecuniary or specific gift is a specified sum of money or other assets like property, jewellery, stocks and shares.
  • A percentage is a percentage of your estate.
  • A residuary gift is the remainder of your estate once gifts of money and items have been distributed.
  • Whole estate - this comprises your entire estate.

You may choose to include a gift to a specific Coastguard unit, region or the national body – Royal New Zealand Coastguard Inc. Alternatively, you are welcome to designate your gift for a special area of interest.

Wherever you would like your gift to be spent; we can discuss with you the correct details to include in your Will. We are here to help, contact us on 09 489 1510.

Suggested wording for your Will

I give and bequeath to Royal New Zealand Coastguard Incorporated, Charity Registration Number: CC36138 (or the name and registered charity number of a specific Coastguard region or unit): __________[specific sum of money/my whole estate/% of my estate/residue of my estate/specific asset(s)] absolutely for the general purposes of the said charity and I direct that the receipt of the Treasurer or other duly authorised officer shall be a sufficient discharge to my Executors/Trustee.

A special thank you

If you choose to include Coastguard in your Will we ask that you please let us know of your intentions, so we can invite you to become one our very special Coastguardians, providing us with the opportunity to thank you for your generosity in your lifetime. This is not a binding commitment, and anything you share with Coastguard is private and confidential.

Please call Carole French for more bequest information or to discuss your specific gift. 


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