Leaving a gift in your Will to Coastguard

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“I decided to give a bequest to Coastguard…
.. it’s my way of saying thanks to the organisation.”

Andrew, Volunteer, member, and Coastguardian

“Helping someone is amazing. When you get home after a rescue, cold, wet and exhausted, it helps to think; someone survived today because of me.”

“I want my legacy to go towards maintaining and improving the already amazing service that the public get.”

Jeff, volunteer and Coastguardian


“…I wanted to give something back.”

Dianne, volunteer and Coastguardian



Coastguard volunteers save lives at sea, and in our lakes, rivers, and waterways.

Lives depend on Coastguard’s volunteer crews and they need the right skills, training and equipment to bring boaties safely home.

Our volunteers can’t do it alone. They need your help to ensure they are ready in an emergency. Every gift counts, and a gift in your Will, big or small, will help future volunteers to continue saving lives – those of our children grandchildren and the generations of boaties to come.

If you do decide to include Coastguard in your Will, we’d love to welcome you as a Coastguardian and take the opportunity to thank you in your lifetime. If you are comfortable to do so, please let us know of your intention. This is not a binding commitment, and anything you share with Coastguard is private and confidential.




For more information, please complete our online form or contact Carole French to discuss how your gift can help.

Download bequest brochure here"


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