Coastguard Lottery

You could win a great prize AND save lives at sea!

We’ve been running our lotteries for over ten years, and in that time hundreds of lucky Kiwis just like you have walked away with some incredible prizes – cars, holidays, boats, cruises, gadgets and much more!

Yvonne and Ray struck it lucky - and next time it could be you!

Lottery Winners 1 Cropped 500W 

Ray and Yvonne Lambert couldn’t believe their ears when we told their ticket had won first prize in the Coastguard lottery. But they were absolutely elated when we rocked up to deliver their brand new Volkswagen Amarok and Haines Hunter SF485 boat. "I haven’t had a boat before," said Ray, "only a kontiki. I love fishing and we have two sons who are keen on boating too."

Living near Whakatane meant that Richard Jansen, President of Coastguard Whakatane, handed the keys over to the lucky couple. They also received a complimentary VHF Radio Operator's course courtesy of Coastguard. Richard, Yvonne and Ray are pictured above.

The couple had been buying Coastguard lottery tickets for a number of years and thought that it would always be somebody else getting the good news after the lottery draw.

But their lucky number did come up. And when your lucky number comes up, it'll change your life!

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