Other Safety Information

All boats should carry a minimum amount of appropriate safety equipment, whether the boat is a sit-on kayak or a 20m launch.


The minimum safety equipment required for a small trailer powerboat includes: PFDs (life jackets) for everyone on board, anchor and chain/warp, signalling/communication devices (at least two), secondary propulsion (spare motor, oars, or paddles), bailer and fire extinguisher.


You can remember this list by using the acronym “PASS BF” (or “pass before”).


There are many other items that may be useful such as a torch, first aid kit, spare food and clothing, tools etc. What you carry will depend on the type of boat and where you plan to go.


You should learn how to handle the boat correctly and safely. A practical Boating Education course will accelerate this process and help you learn practical skills quickly. 


Harbour Bars can be extremely dangerous, with unpredictable, steep waves that can catch you unawares and swamp a small boat. These Bar Crossing videos provide excellent information on how to tackle boating where it may involve crossing a bar. 

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