Vessel Information

Coastguard Raglan operates and maintains three CRVs:   

Gallagher Rescue ZMQ9006. Generously supported by The Gallagher Charitable Trust

  • 11 metre Scott Robson designed aluminium catamaran
  • Twin 425hp Yanmar diesel engines, driving 292 Hamilton waterjet units
  • Range 200NM at maximum speed (> 30kn)
  • Provides stability during patient transfer and transit
  • Suitable for large tows
  • Observers platform during search task
  • Capable of providing on-scene coordination  
Raglan CRV Resized
Raglan CRV - "Gallagher Rescue"

Ecolab 1 (ZMQ9002) and Ecolab 2 (ZMW5081) Generously supported by Ecolab.

  • Yamaha VX 180 Waverunners
  • Range up to 2NM from shore
  • First response vessels used for scene assessment and primary treatment
  • Ideal manoeuvrability and quick response in breaker zone and during patient transfers
  • Provides on-the-water search capability close in-shore


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