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Trust Porirua Rescue is a 12.5 metre Rayglass Protector vessel, powered by two 300 HP Mercury engines. This is our primary rescue vessel with a maximum response speed of up to 30 knots, and an endurance of approximately 20 hours and 800 nautical miles.

CRV Pelorus is a 5.8 metre Naiad  which enables a fast response to vessels in distress or difficulties in the Mana inshore marine area, and to cover the areas of Porirua Harbour that Trust Porirua Rescue cannot reach due to her draft.

Mana Trustporiruarescue Resized Mana Crvpelorus Resized  
Mana CRV - "Trust Porirua Rescue" Mana CRV - "Pelorus"  

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