Information and Safety Services

We’re looking out for you every time you set to sea – take advantage of our trip reporting and bar crossing services. Access Coastguard’s information services – continuous VHF weather forecasts, real time wind via our Coastguard App.

Our Coastguard ‘NowCasting’ Service broadcasts real-time marine weather information and forecasts for your boating area. NowCasting includes actual wind conditions at various locations (peak gust, average, and direction in degrees true, as well as the latest local recreation marine area forecast, tide times and heights and various safety information.

As a Coastguard Northern Region member you are also able to receive the latest NowCasting information as a text message direct to your mobile phone. 

Our NowCasting service is proudly bought to you by Half Moon Bay Marina.

Trip Reporting

As a Coastguard Member you can take advantage of the Trip Reporting services on offer 24 hours a day by our operations room.

A Trip Report (TR) is a message that you pass to a coast station (Coastguard) to advise them of your intented boating activity or voyage. We record this information in our computer system, so that it is available to help identify your location and provide other details if search and rescue is required.

Every time you leave your home port, make sure you contact our Coastguard Communications Centre either on the Coastguard marine VHF channel for your area, or by your cell phone on *500.

Bar Crossing Service

New Zealand’s west coast a fantastic place to fish, but crossing the various bars can be treacherous for even experienced boaties. Coastguard operates a bar crossing watch for your safety, to make sure 
we have your back whenever you cross.

A member will call us as they approach to cross the bar, we log this is our computer system and it puts a Search and Rescue Watch (SAR WATCH) on your boat. Once you reach the other side of the bar safely, you call us back and we cancel your SAR WATCH.

If however, we don’t hear from you within the allowed time limited (roughly 15 minutes depending on the bar), we then start search and rescue procedures.

Live weather

Coastguard broadcasts the latest weather from Metservice live throughout the day, 365 days of the year. Should you miss the scheduled weather forecast you can pick it up on our continuous weathers channels 21, 22 and 23 (depending on the area you choose to do your boating).

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