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1925 HOWICK RESCUE I left Subritskys Landing for Howick Beach.

1935 Distress Call received on Chl.16. "Vessel on rocks off Mission Bay, 4 POB and sinking."At this time HOWICK RESCUE I was abeam of the outer port hand mark on the Tamaki River and immediately proceeded at full speed towards the Bean Rocks area with the priority to account for the persons on board the distressed vessel. En route it was disclosed that the vessel had collided with Bean Rock Lighthouse!

1945 On scene at Bean Rock Lighthouse. The distressed vessel "FALLING WATER" was underneath the lighthouse and only one male person could be seen on board. An assessment was made to ensure that HOWICK RESCUE I could safely go alongside without hitting rocks herself and the person seen on board asked to confirm how many people were on board and if they were all OK. The response was "Two and both OK." He was asked to remove fishing rods the port quarter to allow a member of the rescue vessel crew to board.

Soon after the only visible male survivor fell heavily and as no further contact was possible crewman Bryan Cartelle boarded "FALLING WATER." This was achieved with some difficulty in the very choppy conditions.

Bryan’s initial inspection found the male lying on the deck and his lady partner crouching beside him yelling for him to wake up. It was again confirmed that only two persons were on board and a first aid assessment was made of the prone male.

It was decided to immediately transfer both survivors to the rescue vessel.

This was achieved in spite of the difficult sea conditions. The male, with a suspected broken arm and in a semi-conscious condition was laid on the engine box under the care of crewman Jim Follows.

It was impossible to uplift Bryan Cartelle from "FALLING WATER" at this time and at the instigation of a police constable from "DEODAR II," now in attendance, all speed was made for The Marine Rescue Centre. Crewman Basil Irwin who had been handling mooring ropes was now able to assist Jim follows who was administering oxygen at this time.

Skipper Trevor Taylor was alone in the wheelhouse throughout, handling the rescue vessel and bringing it alongside the pontoon at the MRC.

The survivors were safely delivered to the Ambulance Officers and Para-Medics, although the lady fainted just before being taken ashore.

Bryan Cartelle was taken off "FALLING WATER" and returned to the MRC by "AUCKLAND RESCUE ALPHA."

This was a successful outcome to a difficult and at times dangerous incident successfully accomplished in a professional manner by a well trained HOWICK VOLUNTEER COASTGUARD CREW.

The crew on board HOWICK RESCUE 1 were:

Skipper: Trevor Taylor

Crewman: Jim Follows

Crewman: Bryan Cartelle

Crewman: Basil Irwin

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