HR1 (2003) Construction Photos

Construction of Howick Rescue 1 (2003)

Launching was at Howick beach on Saturday 22nd November

This boat is a NAIAD 9.5m Rigid Hull Inflatable Boat powered by a 483HP Scania Diesel driving a Hamilton Jet Unit all mounted on a GT Products Trailer, and towed by a John Deere Tractor supplied by Farm Services.

It is equipped with Radar, GPS, 2 VHF radios , a UHF Radio, 405 EPIRB, Cell Phone , Local Charts, Crew Intercom, Life Jackets, Wet weather gear, First Aid Kit, Stretcher, Oxygen, Life rings, Fire Pump, Fire Extinguishers, Towing ropes and has seating for 5 crew.

This is an ideal setup for being able to be launched and retrieved bow first in all weathers, and for close to shore searching. The boat is crewed by between 3 and 5 people.

artists impression of howick rescue 1


Sea Trials near Picton

howick rescue sea trials 1

howick rescue vessel sea trials picton

hr1 sea trials picton

howick hr1 sea trials

picton sea trials hr1

picton sea trials howick rescue

hr1 naiad 9.5

boat ramp picton

boat trailer hr 1

boat ramp picton hr1

hr1 engine


The New boat under construction at the NAIAD factory


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