Five-year-old Tyler to the Rescue

Tyler Dale For News Section 500W

Five-year-old Tyler Dale is a keen boatie and is fascinated by all things rescue, so when he learned that the outboard motor had been stolen from Coastguard Mana’s only operational rescue vessel- taking the Porirua based unit out of action – he decided to do something about it.

Even though Tyler lives on Auckland’s East Coast, he was dismayed at the thought of Coastguard Mana being unable to respond to any emergencies. So he asked his yacht rigger dad Chris, if he could donate his pocket money to help Mana operate again – and together they hatched a plan.

Tyler rushed to his room, grabbing a jar full of coins he’d been saving. He wanted to donate all of his pocket money so Coastguard Mana could perform rescues again - just like the Coastguard Howick vessels Tyler saw when he and his dad were out in their boat. Chris told Tyler he would match his donation dollar for dollar to help the Mana crew get back out on the water.

Tyler donated his coins to Coastguard Mana along with a note explaining why he wanted to support the unit. It caught the eye of acting President Mark Presling who sent Tyler a personalised note of thanks, including pictures of the ‘boat that needed fixing’ and the rescue vessel that was going to be sent from Coastguard Howick to Coastguard Mana to help make them fully operational again.

Tyler was so excited to hear from ‘a real Coastguard Skipper’ that he took the email to school and showed all his friends. His enthusiasm was contagious and Tyler encouraged others to donate too which amounted to over $100.

 “We are blown away by Tyler’s big heart and amazing generosity to help Coastguard Mana. Tyler is an incredibly thoughtful and generous young man who is an inspiration to us all, it warms our hearts to hear stories like this.” said Mark Presling.

Coastguard Mana and Howick joined forces to give Tyler an experience he’ll remember for the rest of this life – a trip on Howick Rescue 1, the boat that will be relocated to Mana in December to enable them – in Tyler’s words – ‘to be rescue ready again.’  Thank you Tyler – you have warmed our hearts with your enthusiasm and generosity, you are an inspiration to us all!

"We are blown away by Tyler’s big heart and amazing generosity to help Coastguard Mana." Mark Presling, acting President Coastguard Mana

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