Please help us change the law

Thank you for everything you do in helping to save lives at sea.

Today more than ever we need your support. We need your help to get a law changed.

Coastguard’s Lotteries provide essential funds that support the whole organisation. Currently Coastguard Lotteries are classified as Class 3 Gambling in the Gambling Act 2003. Under the Act, we are not allowed to sell tickets online, by telephone or email. With the exception of the Summer Lottery, where Coastguard volunteers sell directly to the public, we have to sell tickets by mail. With the increased cost of print and postage, the financial sustainability of our lotteries is seriously under threat.

Recently the government released a Public Discussion Document seeking feedback about online gambling. It includes a proposal to change the law to allow Coastguard New Zealand and other Class 3 operators to run lotteries online and via phone.

Please help us to get this law changed so that Class 3 operators like Coastguard can run lotteries online or via phone. This will give our supporters greater choice as to how they buy tickets and help us to reduce costs so more funds can be used to support our lifesaving work. 

There are four ways you can provide feedback to the Department of Internal Affairs:

  1. Click here to complete our 'quick submit form'
  2. Click here to email the Department of Internal Affairs and let them know why you would support us to run lotteries online or via phone
  3. Write a letter of support to Nicola Blackburn, Policy Group, Department of Internal Affairs, PO Box 805, Wellington 6140 
  4. Click here to complete the Government’s online submission form 

Please help us today by sending a message of support to the Department of Internal Affairs. This law change would allow us to sell our lottery tickets online or via phone to help us continue to save more lives at sea. Please send your feedback by Monday 30 September 2019.

Thank you for your invaluable support.

Yours sincerely

Mike Purchase


Coastguard New Zealand 


PS. Don't forget to have your say by Monday 30 September 2019


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