MayDay Rescue Appeal 2016


Help our heroes save lives at sea this May!

Coastguard volunteers are ordinary people doing extraordinary things.

Each week we need to raise over $5,000 to train our fantastic people, so they can prepare for Mayday calls all around the country.

YOU can help by making a donation today. Your support will help our heroes save lives at sea.

Many of us will never face something so nightmarish.  But for a small team of Coastguard volunteers it was very real, and it came at them like a steam train.

The Peejay V tourist boat was returning from White Island, in the Bay of Plenty, with 60 passengers and crew on board.

Luckily for those on board, Coastguard Whakatane leaped into action as soon as they heard "MAYDAY, MAYDAY,MAYDAY." Read the volunteers' story here!

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