Coastguard Volunteers Certified Health and Safety Representatives



Coastguard is pleased to announce that all 64 Coastguard units now have a fully certified Health and Safety Representative, after training workshops were completed last weekend with Wood Group Training.

Wood Group has been working in partnership with Coastguard New Zealand over the last 18 months to deliver customised health and safety training to volunteers nationwide.

Training workshops began at the start of 2016 and have been held in all four Coastguard regions. 64 volunteers completed the training and received a Health and Safety Representative Level 1 certification, which is NZQA-approved.

The purpose is to ensure Coastguard volunteers have a thorough understanding of new legislative requirements and to develop their skills and knowledge as Health and Safety Representatives.

Training was customised and delivered onsite to incorporate Coastguard’s existing processes and procedures.

Wood Group will continue to work with Coastguard in supporting health and safety compliance.

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