Coastguard's 80th Lottery Celebration

Coastguard's 80th Lottery Celebration has sold out! Thank you so much to everyone who purchased a ticket.

Don't forget to check our lottery results page after 4 July to see if you have the winning ticket! A reminder of our fabulous prizes below:


Win $80,000 of first-class travel

Win your choice of travel, your choice of destinations - on this fabulous adventure for two. Go wherever you like in the world with $10,000 in spending money. This is YOUR choice, YOUR adventure, and YOUR trip of a lifetime.

Or... $80,000 of luxury motoring 

Win the Audi A3 Sportback e-tron - including $10,000 of premium options of your choice. The A3 Sportback e-tron is a premium compact car with plug-in hybrid drive that’s perfect for everyday use.

Or... $80,000 of first-class boating

Win the latest Haines Hunter SF545 Limited Edition - including a Hutchwilco safety pack. The new release from Haines Hunter - the SF545 is a no compromise blue water performer that has been designed for adventure, family boating and fishing.

Or... $80,000 in cash

You get to choose how you can spend your prize – invest it for a rainy day, spend it on your cat, build the best man-cave ever, buy the classic car of your dreams, help your children towards a deposit for a house or take the grandchildren to Disneyland … or perhaps do nothing! It’s all yours and it’s up to you to decide.


Royal New Zealand Coastguard (Inc) 80th Lottery. Authorised purpose - To raise funds to enhance the operational standards of 63 dedicated volunteer Coastguard Search and Rescue Units by providing search and rescue equipment and training. By licence issued under Section 37 of the Gambling Act 2003 by the Department of Internal Affairs, PO Box 10-095 Wellington, Phone 0800 257 887. Lottery closes 29/06/18. Drawn by lot at the Auckland Marine Rescue Centre, 3 Solent Street, Auckland, at 10.30 am on 04/07/18. Results published 08/07/18 in the “Raffles” column of the Sunday Star Times or go to Tickets limited to 8,000. Numbered 10,001–18,000. Prizewinner notified in writing and prize delivered within New Zealand. Passports, Visas, any additional meals, alcoholic beverages, travel insurance and all other ancillary costs are the responsibility of the travel prize winner. If for any reason this lottery is cancelled, notification will appear in the “Raffles” column of the above newspaper on 08/07/18 and monies refunded. Organised by P Holmes, PO Box 33559, Takapuna, Auckland 0740. Phone 09 489-1510.

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