MayDay Rescue Appeal 2018

Coastguard Mayday Appeal

This May, we’re asking you to help train our Coastguard volunteer heroes.

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This May, we're looking to raise $100,000 to train our awesome volunteers. The funds will contribute to the cost of providing vital on-water and classroom-based training for 2,200 Coastguard volunteers.

This year’s theme is ‘Going the Extra Mile’ – recognising that our volunteers are doing something extraordinary that many of us would never dream of when they’re called out to save lives at sea. They dedicate a huge amount of their own time and will stop at nothing to bring people home safely.

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Why is the Mayday Rescue Appeal so important?

Each May, Coastguard volunteers raise funds for training so they are skilled and ready to go when a call for help comes in. Boats can capsize at any time and with any number of people on board; our people train to be skippers, crew, pilots, radio operators and support officers so they can save lives at sea.

Want to find out what 'going the extra mile' really means? Read about how three fishermen were rescued after a sixteen hour ordeal.

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