Life Jackets

Take them - Wear them

Life Jackets (also called PFDs – personal floatation devices) are a key piece of safety equipment. There must be one of an appropriate size and type for everyone aboard and they must be worn during any time of heightened risk, such as during darkness, in rough weather or crossing a bar.


Choosing a Life Jacket

There are many different life jackets available, appropriate to different types of boating.


Some examples of life jackets are below:

Boating Safely Lifejacket Marinerclassicadult 227H Hutchwilco Mariner Classic Child Sml Boating Safely Inflatable Life Jacket 227H
Marina Classic Life Jacket Child Life Jacket  Inflatable Life Jacket


For more details on the types of life jackets available visit Hutchwilco or Maritime New Zealand

It is important to ensure that you have appropriate life jackets for everyone aboard. Many Regional Councils have Bylaws that require them to be worn at all time in all vessels under 6 metres – check your local Bylaws.

You can download the MarineMate App for local information such as speed limits, mooring zones, towing access lanes, boat ramp locations, local area notices and tides right at your finger tips. 


Life Jacket Checks

All life jackets should be checked regularly for signs of wear or damage.  Find the Hutchwilco owner-check suggestions here. Inflatable life jackets should be regularly checked by the owner and serviced by a licenced service agent (usually every two years – check the servicing tag on your life jacket). 

All reputable marine retailers sell life jackets, and can advise you which type is best for you and the boating you do. 

Young children should wear a life jacket at all times while boating, preferably one with a crotch strap – which prevents it riding up and over the wearer’s head.

Coastguard Northern Region offers life jackets for hire, which can be a great solution, particularly if you have friends coming out with you, and you need life jackets for kids – for a short time only.


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