Coastguard Boating Education & Regional Boards

Coastguard’s regional offices and Coastguard Boating Education are governed by independent boards, as follows: 

Coastguard Boating Education Board

John Cowan - Chairperson

Brooke Archbold, MNZM

Alan Haddock QSO

Katie McNabb

Chris van der Hor


Coastguard Regional Boards

Coastguard Northern Region 

Graham Brown - President

Ron Lucca - Immediate Past President

Marcus Blosch

Neil Bradley

Wally Hawken

Guy Hornblow

Bennett Medary

Brian Whimp


Coastguard Eastern Region

Gary van der Werff - Chairperson

Juliet Clarke

Rex Harrison

Kevin Winters


Coastguard Central Region

John Linn - Chairperson

Peter Kara - Vice Chairperson

Jan Bisman 

Trevor Burgess

Rob Faulke

Mark Nicholls

Sara Treadgold


Coastguard Southern Region  

Richard Landon-Lane - Chairperson

Jonathan Welsh - Vice Chairperson

Cherie Leckner

Ray Maw

Ross McKenzie

Carolyn Tapley

Jonathan Walmisley

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